President Barack Obama Receives PSA Test

Despite the recent controversial recommendation by the USPSTF against routine PSA screening, President Barack Obama recently received a PSA test to screen for prostate cancer.

AACU Members and Allies: President Barack Obama recently received a Prostate Specific Antigen test to screen for prostate cancer during his yearly physical. White House physician Dr. Jeffrey C. Kuhlman’s report, which was released October 31st, said the test was performed after the President made an ‘informed patient request.’ The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently recommended against PSA-based screening for prostate cancer earlier this month, which they said can do more harm than good. Yet the commander-in-chief felt it was important enough to ask for the test personally. This begs the question: If the President of the United States who has the Country’s best doctors and most current information at his disposal, chooses the PSA test, why shouldn’t all men have the same choice? Obama is fortunate to have the means and knowledge to ask his doctor for a PSA test but if the USPSTF recommends against the test, millions of other men might not be as lucky. The test is not perfect but is currently the easiest and cheapest method of detecting prostate gland abnormalities. We urge you to take action to preserve patients’ choice and save lives. Please be sure to submit comments to the USPSTF as soon as possible before Nov. 8. Links to the USPSTF comments form, as well as pre-written letters to Congress and the media are available at the AACU PSA Test Action Center. Visit the site often to review frequently updated information and resources. Thank You! Click the link below to view this message on the web: You have received this message because you have subscribed to a mailing list of American Association of Clinical Urologists. If you do not wish to receive periodic emails from this source, please click below to unsubscribe.

2 thoughts on “President Barack Obama Receives PSA Test

    • As per an article published in US News and World Report posted on my blog nearly all urologists and 60% of primary care physicians disagree with the decision of the US Preventative Task Force’s decision to downgrade the recommendation for PSA screening. Don’t forget that the Task Force also recently made recommendations against the use of routine mammograms. The Task Force makes decisions based on saving money while physicians make money based on saving lives. I saw a patient in my office today who had a prostatectomy 11 years ago with gleason 9 components on his pathology. He did not undergo any adjuvant therapy and his PSA last month was undetectable. There is no reasonable argument that this gentleman’s life was saved by PSA screening.

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